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Our mission is to increase awareness, understanding and research of pseudoachondroplasia, a rare skeletal dysplasia. To support this mission, we are raising funds to further the pseudoachondroplasia (aka PSACH) research of Dr. Jacqueline Hecht, Professor and Division Head Pediatric Research Center at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston. The goal of this research to find new therapies and interventions to decrease the associated joint and skeletal pain. We are working with many pseudoachondroplasia families around the globe to help fund this effort. PSACH is an extremely serious condition that will continue to negatively affect people’s lives until better treatments are available. Those affected typically experience growth and developmental issues as well as early-onset joint pain – beginning in childhood and lasting their entire lives. Many children and adults have to undergo painful, multiple orthopedic surgeries and joint replacements to help correct bone deformities.Read more about pseudoachondroplasia and the research we are supporting. Donate now!


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