Colin is a 6 year old train enthusiast. He loves live music, being in the woods, socializing and bringing smiles to the faces of anyone he crosses paths with.

Colin’s growth rate was relatively normal until his 2nd birthday. That’s when his parents recognized he wasn’t growing, and his legs were beginning to bow. This initiated visits to several doctors. The number of trips they made to doctor offices were almost equal to the number of questions they had. Eventually, a genetics test was recommended, and within weeks they had the results. They were informed Colin had a rare genetic disorder, and this particular genetic variant had not been previously documented. This obviously led to many more questions, and a deeper concern for the well being of Colin, and the obstacles he would face. Colins initial diagnosis of MED would soon be changed to Pseudoachondroplasia, due to the severe bowing of his legs.

Although many questions and concerns remain, Colin and his family have embraced these obstacles and are taking them on with full force! Weekly hydrotherapy sessions, and daily exercises and stretches have become a beautiful addition to their lives. Colin’s spirit and determination provide encouragement for all those around him. He truly is a shining star.

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