Evelyn is a sweet, funny, smart and amazing six-year-old who brings joy to everyone around her. Her parents knew she would be special when she decided to enter the world on Christmas morning!

She developed the first few years of her life just like any other baby – hitting normal milestones and no health problems whatsoever. She did seem to take a bit longer to master the art of walking and climbing, but her parents thought this was just part of her calm personality. And as first time parents, they did not notice anything special about her limbs or body.

This is why it was such a surprise when, in January 2012, her parents received the pseudoachondroplasia diagnosis, only after a set of x-rays that occurred after mentioning to Evelyn’s pediatrician that her arms do not extend all the way at the elbow – a signature trait of this diagnosis. There is no such history in the family. After many tears and dark days, Evelyn’s family finds themselves in a much better place and are now learning and doing all they can to help and support her.

This desire to help not just Evelyn, but other children and individuals affected with pseudoachondroplasia, led to the founding of this website and collaboration with The University of Texas Medical at Houston to help fund pseudoachondroplasia research.

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