Levi is an energetic three-year-old with a vocabulary of a five-year-old. He has two older brothers who keep him very busy! From the moment Levi entered the world, he put a smile on people’s faces from the moment they meet him.

He was a healthy, full-term baby who grew very quickly after birth. He hit all of his milestones as expected. Around 15 months, his growth slowed down a lot and the doctor noted it, but disregarded it because he was so tall for his age anyway.

At 20 months old he started speaking sentences and would tell his parents he hurt. That was the push they needed, they alway wondered if something wasn’t right due to all his illnesses, and the fact he never slept through the night. They thought it was an immune problem and never dreamed of a skeletal issue.

At that point, Levi went to a children’s hospital where tests were performed and he was diagnosed with SED – a skeletal dysplasia. Levi’s parents were not comfortable with this so they sought and found a world class hospital in Delaware with a skeletal dysplasia program. The family went in January 2011 and received a diagnosis of pseudoachondroplasia.

Levi’s traits with pseudoachondroplasia are bowed legs, a waddling gait, and joint pain.

So as of now, Levi is normal, crazy rough-housing typical boy. Nothing slows him down. His parents goal and mission is to reach as many families as possible to raise awareness of dwarfism and to hopefully help find some kind of cure/ treatment for the joint issues related to pseudoachondroplasia.

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