Ruby is a 21 year-old with pseudoachondroplasia from England, UK, who has gone through a few medical procedures related to the condition. She is an amazing young woman who has never let pseudoachondroplasia get in the way of living an amazing, adventure-filled life! Ruby’s left leg was broken and re-aligned three times, the right leg done twice, ligaments were mashed in her knee, she experienced two Taylor Spatial Frames for leg straightening and had pins put in her leg here, there and everywhere in between! Hip replacements are the next procedure on the horizon, but she won’t let that stop her from her endless love of life! Until the day her legs are straightened for good and she can walk pain free, Ruby takes her crutches along wherever she goes…next stop hopefully being Australia so she can enjoy a swim with whales!

Ruby hopes that this website will help find a way to make life easier for future generations of people with pseudoachondroplasia. If she passes on the condition to her children (50% chance of this happening), she would  like to be able to give them as much support and as easy a life as possible! Visit her blog to read more about her experiences and her incredible adventures.

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